Meditation Methods For Depression

1:-Meditation Methods For Depression

welcome in this exercise we will through what may be a new way.for you to address the common and natural.experience of Meditation Methods For Depression you will be.focusing on your breath and attending to your thoughts and feelings in a helpful.way when you are finished you may feel.more hopeful immediately with repeated,use you may feel depressed less frequently.and experience it less severely what you can do this exercise anytime and.anywhere it is also available in different lengths for the most profound results find a comfortable and quiet place to practice regularly let's begin find or create a quiet space now if possible choose somewhere you can close your eyes without concern if you like sit on a cushion with your legs folded in front of you you can also sit upright in a chair without using the backrest leaning back is fine too just try to keep your back as straight as possible now loosen any restrictive clothing turn off any ringers and switch your mobile phone or tablet to airplane mode we will remind you they are off when the session is over place your hands on your knees or in your lap palms up one on top of the other if possible let your eyes close 

Meditation Methods For Depression
Meditation Methods For Depression

2:-Meditation Methods For Depression

if you need to pause this recording now until you are ready now take a few deep breaths through your nose long and slow feel your belly filling on the in-breath let it empty on the out-breath now let go control of your breath and just breathe naturally let the breath determine its own length and begin to notice your physical body to feel your weight against your seat feel your upright posture feel your whole body just hanging from your frame now continue breathing naturally while we provide some background information Meditation Methods For Depression is a universal human experience it affects our thoughts our feelings and our bodies - when we're depressed we feel a cluster of emotions along with feeling sad you may feel anxious or irritated hopeless or self-critical guilty or ashamed your thoughts may all be negative and they may become obsessive - you may sleep or eat too much or else too little withdraw from social interaction or lose your interest in and energy for life Meditation Methods For Depression is also normal and even adaptive reaction to loss and other life events.

3:-Meditation Methods For Depression

 it can turn you in word - focus on a problem or reevaluate and make adjustments in your life or you may feel depressed for no apparent reason either way the things you think and feel are normal we all get depressed from time to time it's just a part of being human but too much depression isn't helpful it isn't healthy or enjoyable and Meditation Methods For Depression can perpetuate itself leaving you depressed for longer than you need to be fortunately there is a simple way to work with your Meditation Methods For Depression and there is hope the technique you are about to use can be learned in this exercise you won't ignore suppress or deny despairing thoughts and feelings nor will you try to figure out where they came from or why they're here none of that gets to the root of your concern instead of trying to rid yourself of negative thoughts you will change your relationship to them instead of repressing hopeless feelings you will make space for them and watch them lose their power over you let's try it now breathe deeply and be sure you're in a comfortable and stable position you want to be relaxed but alert now breathe naturally and place your attention at the entrance to your nose notice how it feels just inside your nose when you breathe feel the cool air going in feel the warm air going out cool in warm out do just this for a few more moments now keep your attention on the place just inside your nose where you most feel your breath be curious impartial let the breath breathe itself you just watch and experience have your experience and observe yourself having it at the same time if the breath is short and shallow feel and notice that if the breath is long and deep feel and notice that notice if ,it stays the same notice if it changes no matter how well you focus on your breath sooner or later you will lose your focus when you do the important thing is not to judge or criticize yourself we all get distracted distractions or anything that takes your focus from your breathing they can only come from your five senses plus your thoughts and feelings you will hear sounds you will feel sensations in your body you will realize your thinking we will treat them all the same simply notice each when it arises then let it go and gently return your attention to your breath let's try whatever interrupts you next just notice it let it go and refocus on your breathing try it for a moment now let it go does not mean push it away be calm be neutral neither pursue distractions nor repel them nor judge yourself for having them when your mind wanders simply notice that it has wandered and gently bring it back place your attention back inside your nose. and watch  feel your breath.try it again now. you may have learned or have the urge to name the thing


4:-Meditation Methods For Depression

distracting you to say a silent word inside your mind you may say barking if a dog barks or itching if you feel an itch or you may name the process rather than the thing itself you may say just hearing for the dog feeling for the itch or simply thinking for a thought both of these are fine but for this exercise try something even simpler try naming just one thing when you lose your focus simply notice that and not the thing distracting you if you say a mental word just say distracted or wandering to describe your mind then gently bring your mind back to your breath try it for a moment now you finally try using no internal words at all just notice. that you've lost your focus and gently bring. it back back to your nose and the feeling of your breath try this for a longer moment now you.

5:-Meditation Methods For Depression

now we'll go a little deeper with Meditation Methods For Depression thoughts and feelings are the distractions most likely to intrude thoughts and feelings are how we most commonly experience Meditation Methods For Depression it is from them that we most often seek relief so now we'll work specifically with depressive thoughts and feelings continue breathing naturally if negative thoughts arise briefly move your attention to the thought see your thought as something that arises on its own notice that it occurs and let it pass then gently blamelessly return your attention to your breathing just inside your nose try it for a moment now when you focus on your breath you live in the present when you are depressed your thoughts take you to the past or future what parts of life are lost already what little hope the future seems to hold staying in the present by keeping your attention on the breath helps you stay balanced try it a bit more now be present to each successive moment of your next few breaths you will likely be distracted by emotions too you may feel sad or empty or you may feel other things as well anxious angry even hopeless or ashamed if you look closely you will see that what we call emotions are just a combination of sensations in your body and thoughts in your mind Meditation Methods For Depression itself is such a pairing when depressive feelings arise notice the two parts first feel the feelings in your body you may feel an ache in your chest a weight in your belly fatigue in your arms or dullness in your head just experience whatever you are feeling in your body without trying to change it try it for a moment now next see the thoughts in your mind notice how the thoughts go with the feelings try this a moment now now choose to rest your attention on the feeling in your body not the thought in your mind as with the breath notice if the feeling changes notice if it stays the same unpleasant feelings often wither under this kind of calm attention watch and feel what happens for a moment now finally gently leave the feeling and return your attention to your breath and to nose feel the cool air and the warm air once again do this for a moment now you in a few moments.

6:-Meditation Methods For Depression

we will complete this exercise before we do remember a few things for when you listen to it again when you are depressed both unpleasant thoughts and feelings may be present thinking the distressing thoughts only makes the feelings stronger but when instead you focus on the feelings in your body distressing thoughts diminish so focus on your feelings but as you do be sure to focus on the physical sensations and not the named emotion without their words and stories feelings fade and bring relief finally notice that returning to the breath gives you the most relief of all and to know that your experiences are not you thoughts and feelings are just things. you experience with your mind and body, the same as you experience a sound with your ear or a smell with your nose but they are not you when you are ready slowly open your eyes if they have been closed notice how you feel compared to when you started appreciate your efforts whatever you were able to do or however, your mind wandered the time you took today. it self is your success know that you can repeat this exercise as often as you like and return to this place inside yourself whenever you choose remember that your ringers and mobile devices have been turned off we hope you found this exercise helpful.

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