How To Focus Meditation

How to focus meditation

If you want to meditate for meditation and concentration, then for the first meditation, you should conduct the knowledge line, that is, follow the seal, following the knowledge line, it seems to be a meditative person. The following things fall under

  • Truth has to be spoken
  • Do not mistreat or abstain from misconduct
  • Do not steal or stay away from stealing
  • Don't drink and stay away from alcohol
  • Do not commit violence and stay away from the feeling of doing violence.

This is the basic seal that you will have to conduct. Remember that once I am not sure, it has to be meditated for at least 9 consecutive days, then these things, which will tell about the seal above, then you will be focused.

And if you want to meditate for concentration, then there are four types of measures for concentration so that your concentration can be maintained in which you will know about one, you will meditate on your body to meditate for concentration. You will not remember for the outside of the body, you will not pay attention, you will control the mind on your body, to meditate on the body, you will take care of your skin, take care of the flesh, take care of the bone, take care of the blood, take care of sweat, stool urine Will take care of the stubborn will take care of the red will take care of the eye will take care of the ear will take care of the main will take care of the tooth will take care of the palm will take care of the reed bone will take care of the heart You will focus on Adi, due to which a few days' effort will make your concentration possible
1: -Logic noun.
2: -Argument noun.
3: -Thought noun.
4: -Transient state.

object focused meditation:-

For object central meditation, you select an object and you are seated in a posture, while staying in the posture, focus on the reed bone while keeping the reed bone straight and try to stabilize the breath taken by the nose Imaging the reflection on the pupil of your eye on the object you want to focus on, and making sure that the focus of the object is focused on another object, ie the object you are focusing on. Keep an unattractive sentiment, if you do not have an unattached sense, you will fall behind that object due to which you cannot concentrate on that object and you can never know that object, therefore attention is given to any thing By focusing on that, you can know that thing or cause. It should be kept in mind that while sitting in the posture, you will focus on that object, keeping the unconscious feeling towards that object.

How meditation is done for meditation and concentration:-

How meditation is done for meditation and concentration Let us know how to practice meditation for meditation and concentration. Friends will practice sealing and physique of memory for meditation and concentration Seal and physique of memory. To practice, you have to choose one place where the place is flat, full of calm and there is no one to disturb you, you stay there as long as you want and go as long as you want. You have to choose this type of asana. You go to the selected place and do simple exercises. After exercising, you sit in a posture. After sitting in the posture, you straighten your spine and loosen the body. Abandon thoughts, add on thoughts and now focus on the memory of seal and physique friends, remember that you will maintain the stability of your home state and body.

How can I improve my meditation:-

If a person is walking on the path of meditation, then that person needs to deepen the meditation. If the meditation is not deep, the person is away from his destination, so that person has to improve his meditation to improve the meditation. For you to conduct the seal itself, the practice of the seal increases the practice of meditation and due to the increase in meditation practice, it is possible to study the seal thoroughly, due to which the knowledge of knowledge can be generated from it. Knowledge arises from this, so to improve your attention, conduct the seal repeatedly.

How do you meditate properly:-

How do you meditate properly? Let me tell you how I meditate due to which my focus becomes some kind of blame for maintaining my meditation, greed, rage, anger, ego, renounce hatred etc. It is necessary that people cannot meditate well without sacrificing raga, ego jealousy, hatred etc. That is why it is very important to renounce these retirement nouns. In this, you need wisdom and wisdom and seal for wisdom and working memory. You have to conduct only then you can walk on the path of knowledge, you can walk on the path of light

does meditation improve focus:-

Does meditation improve? Yes, friends, if you meditate frequently, your attention improves. If you practice and leave the team, then everything that is found slowly slowly disappears without its discovery. And Dilip comes to the brink of P, so by meditating on the seal again and again, the prosperity gained by the seal remains intact or if you leave the conduct of the seal, then return to its initial state, so make yourself perfect. To keep the modesty, you have to meditate frequently, which improves your attention, meditating on the seal repeatedly increases the attention due to which the rise of knowledge is justified indicating that by practicing the seal again and again Your attention has improved

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