How To Teach Meditation To Students

How To Teach Meditation To Students:-

How to teach meditation to students and How should the student concentrate meditation. Who should I put Today, I will tell you how to teach meditation, to be a meditation student or student, the first person to learn or the person teaching will have to learn himself. Who is to teach the person to pay attention to? How to meditate If he does not know, how can he teach attention to the girl students or to the students. Therefore the person teaching must first learn. It has to be complied with. Only by complying can the authority of the teacher remain on the learner. Otherwise, only the person teaching does not follow. So what can that person teach another? If the person teaching is hos. And the person who learns should also be interested. So both the person can get the best teaching meditation in schools and there will be a feeling of happiness on both sides. It is very important to follow the important information given to the students and attention given to the students. Education not taught by non-compliance will be in vain, how to teach students, meditation should be both a student or a student, it is very important to follow modesty in the first action and guided modesty and correct yoga to the teacher. And there is modesty for guided meditation for students script, they will follow modesty as their own direction, modesty will direct the students or the student and the teacher will instruct what to do a guided meditation for the student. And for the primary teachers also, the modesty has to be complied with. The guided meditation for the college students will be decided by the method or the meditation in middle school will be guided according to the modesty of the student. In order to pay attention to the children or students, it is very important for the teacher to follow the modesty.
How To Teach Meditation To Students
How To Teach Meditation To Students

Direct modesty is best for teaching students meditation. Modesty is in many ways. Which is a gradation of how will meditation help improve the performance of the students? I want to tell you. By meditating, modesty will increase that person's meditative power. Due to which the rise of poignant and good knowledge will occur.Due to which it will be possible to practice modesty deeply. This will increase the mental stability of the person, work speed stability, stability. Because of which it will be efficient in being stable in nature. If the modesty is not complied with, one will draw the elements of nature towards ignorance and misery. Due to this, no discipline of this person will work in this natural. Due to which the condition of the inferiority of the person will be high and only the suffering will be attained.

Wisdom piety

1: - You should concentrate on speaking the truth

Truth be told, no person or child should lie. He should have a feeling of hatred for lying. If he enjoys lying. So it should be understood. That the person is of a skilled and inferior intellect. This person is sad. Therefore, you should not lie. Lying breaks trust. By lying, a man falls into his own eyes. And he does not feel the feeling is late. By then it is late. And cannot understand. That person does not exist by lying. In the natural and cannot even save its existence. And because of being false, the person himself becomes a liar. Therefore, that person should not do the process of making false expressions or lies. In this action, he should pay attention again and again. One should meditate again and again. What will happen to me if I lie? How will I live, how will my life go, what will people tell me, and when I tell the truth then how will I live, what will I do, what will people say, I should meditate.

2:-Maltreatment should be noted

Whether a person or a student, they should get away from their feelings of mistreatment. Do not befriend friends who misbehave. To abuse someone under misconduct. It is a misdemeanor to try to make someone fall bad by calling someone high and low. Having fun talking to a girl, having fun sleeping, thinking about her, and having fun is a misdemeanor. Insulting someone. It is misconduct to be insulted. If he does not commit sinful deeds. So insulting you will not hurt. That is why a person should get rid of the misconduct. Or abstain from misconduct. So that the person can purify his mental, or mind, fence, and body, away from misconduct. Or you can do something so be a student. Or someone. He should meditate on the feeling of mistreatment again and again.

3:-One should meditate on not stealing

Students should stay away from stealing. To look for something in seclusion, which is the greed of work, the greed of color and form, should be kept away from the noun. Know yourself as a result of stealing. That the greed noun in me is high. The greed noun is an inferior noun. At its origin, a person has a moment of intelligence and virtue, so one must meditate on the sense of stealing. Stealing is punished for not stealing. Therefore, attention should be paid not to steal.

4:-Do not drink should meditate

To teach meditation, tell them that they should not drink alcohol. A person becomes inferior by drinking alcohol. Becomes inferior. Nobody calls that person good, and that person loses his dignity, intelligence, body, and wealth. Alcohol leads the person to hell. Pushes towards sex. Therefore, you should stay away from alcohol. Alcohol should be meditated repeatedly. On seeing the alcohol or the word comes, it is a thing of intoxication. He should not be tempted. He will pull men or women to his side for work reasons. Therefore, students should meditate on alcohol consumption. That one should not drink alcohol At present, India is consuming 85% of alcohol in India. And people are burning in the same fire. But it does not even have the ability to feel that fire. Not even consciousness, therefore students or anyone should abstain from voting. And one should meditate repeatedly not to drink alcohol.

5:-Creatures should not do toughness

Be it a student or a person, he should meditate on repeated toughness. That is, what happens by committing toughness. And what should happen if we do not commit toughness? A person bears violent instincts by committing toughness. Because of which the organism does not commit toughness with outsiders. So that person in his own house quarrels with his own people due to toughness instincts. And causes sorrow in that family. toughness is a crime no matter what it is (be it king, judge, collector, inspector, police officer)Any creature should not kill or kill another organism, which will cause toughness to the person or student. So the creature will be called guilty. So it will be known that if it is saved from people, it cannot be made by itself. His mind punishes him.

Meditation for elementary students is an auspicious occasion. By taking self-attention of the Guruline of a school, primary students can get meditation benefits. And you can get benefits of self-meditation. Friends remember that by remembering, knowing, there is no good. It is only by practicing it that there is benefit in life. Anyone else can visit the Mindfulness website for students

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