Meditation is a lifestyle that can be used or used repeatedly to live one's life in realism.

Yes, it is true that by using meditation, any person can lead a conscious life, which makes his life clean and pure.

If considered, meditations and self-body (kayagat) memory is a boon or nectar. Anyone meditating on self-body (kayagat) memory can live or lead a life of higher knowledge, happiness, higher intelligence, prosperity, Free of ignorance.In fact, it is a boon that many men and women have wished for their lives to live their lives in real life, thousands of years ago, middle and modern times using meditations.After further time interval, he got the prestige and meditation benefits of meditation, in which time those people started to be called great men, saints, great men, scientists, institutions, and even men and women with more wealth and who took mediations benefits also started to call God.Such as Gautam Buddha, Kabir, Guru Nanak Dev, Vivekananda, Sant Ravidas, Atheist Pariyar, Mr. Albert Einstein, Jugal Kishore, Nag Sen, Milind Raja, Ashoka Samrat, etc.In reality, the complete state of meditations is called the supernatural king. If a person attains the full state of meditations. So he or she will be called the supernatural king of the world. People or people with more uninterested malls near that person, head for their own grief treatment or grief prevention. And the former meditator will rule the world by meditating on wisdom, knowledge, morale, samadhi, and faith.

Attention Factors in Future Life:-

Melody noun:-

The raga noun is for one who distracts any person's attention. Due to which the person makes mistakes again and again in daily life. Due to which the person is sad and disappointed. That is, one should practice raga repeatedly so that he can protect himself from being wrong. And uplift the masters themselves. And rise to knowledge. Due to this raga noun, a person cannot keep himself clean. Meditations should be repeated over the raga and the vetaraga.

Malicious noun:-

The malicious noun should be noted frequently. So that those people can avoid inferiority and sorrows. And to earn your mental upliftment and knowledge. When the presence of this noun, a person cannot have knowledge, that is, he should repeatedly meditate on malice and Invisible.

Greed noun:-

Greed should be practiced repeatedly.So that the person can be saved from misguided and unhappy.And this noun can make mental uplift and knowledge, it makes a person foolish and takes away the dignity of the person. Therefore, greed noun should be meditated again and again, this person does not have knowledge when it is noun.

Memory noun:-

Memory noun should be meditated repeatedly. So that you can take care or care of yourself.
So that you can know what I am doing in my daily routine. Doing wrong I am doing it right. In this, the text present in itself is studied under the noun of memory. Faith Feces is practiced. The feces are repeatedly removed. Like body parts present in memory noun routinely sweat stool urine etc.

Reincarnation noun:-

What has come in this world will be the one who has presence. It will also be destroyed and destroyed so that is why the name of birth birth should be meditated. Attended here. Extinct there. Then he was present there. And here one should practice meditation again and again.

Friendship noun:-

Friendship noun should be meditated repeatedly. Like I am a living being. It hurts me to beat him. Similarly there are other creatures. Whom to beat is sad. All beings in the world spend their lives feeling sad or happy with their consciousness. Therefore, you should practice the friendship noun. So that the feelings of the creature can be understood.


By meditating on modesty, the person's meditation activity increases. Which gives rise to knowledge to that person. So that one can practice modesty deeply. And can also give rise to poignant knowledge. Therefore silo should be practiced.

Compassion noun:-

Compassion noun should be meditated again and again. In order to understand the suffering of another and to understand his feelings, happiness and sorrow can be eliminated, therefore the practice of the noun compassion should be repeated.

Leniency and mistreatment:-

Generosity should be taken care of Precaution to be taken care of the noun of generosity (do not abuse anyone, do not lie, do not lie, do not gossip, talk sweetly, do not misbehave, do not pay attention to what the other person does, you open your Meditate on mind like that, what do I do, how am I living, how is my Dinacharya cut, I am not blaming anyone, Ignore what other person does , You focus on your open mind, that's what I do, I have to live, my how Dinachary cut, I do not do any blame, it should focus.


Read the note carefully and follow it in life, otherwise there will be no benefit, there is no benefit from To know and remember it, honest adherence will lead to excessive Pune van and by negligence or showing off a large amount of that person There will be loss, careful friend, if you have any problem then comment us, I will remove the problem.
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