What is meditation

What Is Meditation

Friend, I will tell you about meditation today, who is understood, what is life, what are their meditation benefits, do you know meditation carefully today?

What Is Meditation:-

Meditation is a state of mental action and mind conscious.
What is meditation
Meditation is a state of mental activity.
Meditation is the patience state of mental concentration a person puts on an object.It is also called virtue in practical life.
The student cannot solve the questions without creating concentration of mental activity in solving math problems in the mathematics path. The student takes his question solution or solve it by maintaining concentration of mental action to solve the mathematics questions. Slip out

For example, a person needs attention by lifting water with hands, walking, walking, wearing clothes, eating, speaking, watching, listening, talking, studying, computer, driving, etc.
Cannot be without food (eating, drinking water, walking, getting up, writing, reading, cycling, computer, telling, speaking, learning etc.). Therefore, meditation is helpful every moment in your daily practice. Your life cannot be efficient without meditation. and high meditation benefits do you follow rulls. this is meditation quotes.

Skilled and inefficient

Efficient work requires attention. All efficient tasks are done with efficient attention. All efficient work cannot be completed without meditation. And whether a person or an animal or a bird, a skilled work or a cultivar can remain healthy in the presence. Efficiency can remain. May be able to establish. And unskilled work is accomplished without attention and the person working without attention always gets sorrows.like
To kill weak creatures, torture, beat, break, steal, lie, do evil, break the husband of a tree without any means, break a branch without need, to hurt someone, etc. Belongs to inefficient work. The person performing this work becomes devoid of conduct or inefficient quality sits inside the person and remains unhappy.

Everyone should meditate. Because everyone has the desire and need of a person or an organism. If a person or an organism does not want to take support of anyone. So that person or organism can attain its destination by itself. To get to the floor by yourself, that person has to do self-meditation. Meditation is efficient action for all types of needs. Or is a virtue for all needs. Meditation is also for children. It is also for the youth. Is also for adults. They are also for the elderly. Due to the different state of everything, it is done on different aspects. If the same kind of attention is given to all people at all stages, then everyone's mind will become equal. This reflects the ideology of Samata. All human beings have the same intelligence. Due to actions, it is different.
How to focus if focused can find every need.

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