Meditation For Teens

Meditation For Teens

        Meditation of Teens of Welcome to the chapter . Today we will know. How to meditation for teen Or how to meditate for a virgin. Friend, if you want to Meditation For Teens. So let me make sure your suggestion. That you have chosen the right path for Meditation For Teens. Or have chosen the right path. Now the way is to meditate. If you want to Meditation For Teens. So they have to transform themselves with some work. Meditation will only benefit. When he transforms some of his inferior or inferior functions, he will convert to clean efficient works. Then it will be considered. Teens will get very high profit opportunity of meditation. If you just want someone to meditate for profit. And want to profit from it. Will not happen. Meditating on them or meditating does not benefit your life. After meditation, it is only beneficial to use what you have found or to use the work learned or the knowledge learned. Want to meditate for an adolescent. You have to get them to meditate on modesty metal and Mahasheel metal. Modesty is very important for a Meditation For Teens. Meditation is only a practice for four virgins for virgins. If you are Meditation For Teens, you only have the attention of one or both of the fourth modesty or Panchsheel for teenage status. If they meditate on the fourth Maha Sheel. So there will be benefit of meditation in their ongoing present life. If in our future life we ​​also practice the fourth Maha Sheel. Or does it So, they have efficient and efficient effects of meditation in the present and also in their future life. And if they meditate on Panchsheel in its present state. Or do it So in the present state their life has a profound effect on their mental knowledge and power. If they currently practice Panch Sheal in their lives through meditation. Or does it So in their future, we also get to see the effect of highly skilled knowledge or knowledgeable ability etc. on their lives. And for teenagers, meditation has a well-deserved impact on their own real life. Due to which there is less stress or free tension on your head. Meditation for virgins by her practice with modesty, the virgin girl's attention in her daily life of praise, peace, harmony, generosity, high intelligence, high capable, efficient bari, efficient work, efficient behavior, reasoning, logic, and thought. When you do, it rises or rises.

Meditation For Teens
Meditation For Teens

Meditation For Teens Uses practice

Those who have decided that we should spend our lives by meditating. So they have realized their real path. If the person who is having the feeling of hesitance to meditate or to meditate. So immediately remove the doubts inside you and exclude them. Or immediately remove yourself from this doubt towards meditation. Because they are meditative. Who is going to take your lifeboat to Cross ghats without taking care that you cannot transit your lifeboat from Cross ghats. You can put your life's boat in transit with attention, by forcefully forcing it, etc. You cannot put your life's boat in transit. If you started applying carefully, then you will take the task of taking the boat of your life from the path of degradation. As a result, the feeling of sadness will make your mind conscious. And for you, you will have to make a living while facing a lot of trouble in your life. To get rid of these sorrows, etc. to get progress in the life of our life, meditation for teen and practice of self-cultivation are done.

Meditation for teen Charmed metal which is worthy of attention.

Meditation for teen Charmed metal which is worthy of attention. Whose details have been given for you to meditate. In the meditative state, practice is done keeping the charmed metal in mind. The words are practiced on these charmed metal by repeatedly melting them. After which, gradually there is a possibility of attaining sensitivity in meditation. And our meditation benefits are:

1:-Prithvabhutamaha metal is practiced repeatedly in its brainstorm. When there is a need to meditate for a boy or a person or a virgin, then churning of the earth-metal in his mind, sitting on a flat position with a straight bone of the reed and opening both the palms is practiced again and again. Like our body made of earth metal like bone, meat, teeth, skin, heart, nails, etc., it is the former great metal. Who have currently transformed themselves. Meditation for teen, you have to practice them.

2:-Jalitabhamaha metal is practiced again and again in the mind. When a boy or a person or a virgin needs to meditate. Then the churning of the molten metal is done in the mental, sitting on the flat position of the reed bone straight and opening both the palm, the jalitabhama metal is practiced again and again. For example, our body made of molten metal, which transforms in the present state, exhibits a different form, you have to practice meditation for teen. Such as tear, blood, yellow, red, urine, money, etc.

3:-The metal of the air is repeatedly practiced in its brainstorm. When a boy or person or teenager needs attention, then churn the airy metal in your mind, sit on a flat place with the reed bone straight, where the space is in an open environment and both the palms open their mental In the process, churning of the air metal is done. Whereas our body made of air-conditioned metal, like oxygen or air, is practiced. Which air distracts us efficiently. And which air pushes us towards efficiency. Or helps keep it efficient. One should meditation for teen.

4:- The practice of Agnibhutma Mahata needs to be meditated repeatedly in your mental activity for any girl or boy or teen. Then, by going to an open place or level space, open both the palms and practice Agnibhutma Mahatma again and again in your mental activity. With this activity, control of their body temperature depends on their mental. A body made of Agnirbhama metal that transforms into the present state exhibits different behavior. Its origin has to be meditated upon. Like cold and hot etc.

To meditate for teen, practice meditation with Panchsheel

To meditate for teen, practice meditation with Panchsheel. By practicing Panchsheel, meditation proves to be of great benefit to the virgin. Let us learn how to practice Panchsheel by repeating the five consecutive words given in Panchsheel in your mental activity. Let's know what is Panchsheel

1:-Always concentrate on speaking the truth. Whatever be the situation, keeping yourself clean and generous. One should fight against the untruth. That is, one should wear the truth. In your daily life, you should stay away from lying. Or should be free from lying. And the notion of telling the truth should be embodied in your Dinacharya. It is important to meditation for teen.

 2:-You should keep yourself away from the feeling of misconduct. It should be meditated on again and again. Even after the feeling of misbehavior is generated, one should control or suppress the mistreatment of the body and chief or keep the mind clean from the mistreatment in the meditative spirit for the virgin. Should not be wrapped in the spirit of misconduct or in Inferior. Like don't give street, don't do evil, don't listen secretly to anyone, etc.

3:-Even after the feeling of stealing is born, you should control your mind and body with the mind through meditation. You should have the feeling of not stealing. Attention should also be given to the outcome of the feeling of theft, no matter how the situation arises, the feeling of theft should not be followed. When the feeling of theft is born, it is necessary to follow the spirit of being free from theft. The feeling of theft makes a person a low level person. Due to which one experiences a feeling of sadness in his life stream.

4:-One does not need to Meditation For Teens if not drinking alcohol. The spirit of alcoholic juice should be repressed with the mind, the heart, the generous heart, the skilled mind, the conscious consciousness. Or should be nabbed. There is a feeling of a feeling of rash in the mind. So the body should be engaged in doing any other work or meditation. In this way one should meditate on not eating and drinking alcohol, which leads the person to hell or to sex. And makes him a partaker of sorrow. For this reason, there is a need to Meditation For Teens.

5:-Violence should be considered for teenager Violence is a type of instinct that emerges with emotion and takes a short time to get a man to sin. Under sin, there is the origin of anger, which acts to burn itself and due to which the anger is produced in that fire, so even after the creation of such a feeling, it has to be brainwashed with wisdom, samadhi, meditation, knowledge, force. It should give mind to the mind by itself, or concentrate on Meditation For Teens. Or be quiet. And again and again attention should be paid to violence and non-violence. What happens in your life with violence and without violence. Or about to happen. Should meditate on.

 By practicing the fourth pious modesty and Panchsheel given to Meditation For Teens, one can transcend one's life with respect. And at the same time with high intelligence, dignity, one can live his life. As a result of which efficient quality is counted. And the practice of both Maha Sheelas helps to make heavenly angel Meditation For Teens. These are all stages. There is no knowledge by listening. To achieve that one has to try through meditation. Thank you

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