Why Meditation Is Necessary

Why Meditation Is Necessary

Why Meditation is Necessary Welcome to my chapter Why Meditation is Necessary for Us or All of Us Let's try to go through it together, we will know what to do if you spend your life in this world without meditating. Is being spent in the way and we all will know that, how does our Dinacharya spend his life in this world through mediation, what is his experience in this world without meditating and without meditating What is the feeling when we spend our life in this world, and after knowing these two aspects, we will know why mediation is necessary. Can't spend our life in this world without meditation Why is it important to live life, in this world, let us try to learn from each example Why Meditation Is Necessary for us or for all of us

Why Meditation Is Necessary
Why Meditation Is Necessary

Why Meditation Is Necessary, let us understand by example.

1: - There is a student and he goes to school daily to study, i.e. to take up education, and if that person does not pay attention to the education that is being taught in the school, will that person be able to learn or know that learning? If the person will be able to know the secret of that learning without meditating, then it has been found in the experiment that when a person is sitting near a teacher in a school or college, school, if that person does not pay attention to the teacher's words It is, of course, that person will not know the knowledge, that is, the person can not know what the teacher has said if that person is sitting in school listening carefully to the teacher's things near the teacher and trying to understand it carefully. So that person will definitely be able to accumulate or know that knowledge or what was told by that teacher, so that person who went to the teacher for learning, needs mediation. Why Meditation Is Necessary because, in order to complete that work, one needs to pay attention to understand and know the discipline.

2: - If one person is calling another person and telling them that the laptop is run in this way and the other person is listening to the first person's attention without paying attention to it, then is that second person the first one One will not be able to know the things taught by the person because the other person does not listen to or listen carefully to what is taught by the first person and how the other person turns on the laptop. Will not know So the other person, Why Meditation Is Necessary because in order to know about the laptop given by the first person and taught, that person needs to pay attention or attention to the other person, ie the unhappy person needs to listen and understand it carefully.

3: - If one person is telling some kind of story to another person and the other person is listening to that story and is going to listen, now after the story is over, the first person asks the second person if my If you can repeat the whole story told by you, then on saying this, another person stands up and says that I will get something and if nothing else, why did this happen. Because the second person did not listen to the first person's words carefully and because of this, he said that I will be able to tell something and will not be able to tell, so the first person's talk, the second person needs attention.

Why Meditation Is Necessary. Because the second person needs to pay attention to get to know what is told by the first person.

4: - If a father tells his son to take this money and divide it into 3 equal parts, then his son has done the work that I will divide this money equally into three parts. If the son of that father goes to those 3 people with the money given by the father, then he wants to divide those 3 people equally and that person is not counting the money carefully then what happened to those three people Money will not be able to be distributed equally, because that person has to pay attention to the number of money in order to divide the money equal to that person, then only then he can be successful in dividing that money into three equal parts. If that person does not pay attention, will he not be able to divide the money equally into three parts, so that person, Why Meditation Is Necessary Because, in order to keep the point of your father, that son or person will need to distribute that money carefully.

5: -A person is telling some other maths questions to another person. After listening, that person tries to put some questions and the person who is trying to put some questions. If the person is not able to put those questions, then does that person need mediation, yes I say that person. Why Meditation Is Necessary because, in order to put that question in full, one can learn by paying careful attention to what was taught by the first person, so the other person needs meditation.

6: - Do humans or other beings. Why Meditation Is Necessary because their Routine passes only because of this meditation. Can a person go from one place to another without meditation? I do not believe because he or she has to be careful in moving man or that creature from one place to another. You will need to go to the path if the person does not pay attention to the way, then whether the person or a person will deviate from their path, hence the creature or man.  Why Meditation Is Necessary. Because it is very important for them to take care to make their work successful.

7: - A person is looking at a tree and saying that only one tree is visible there and another person comes there and is saying that there are leaves, branches, branches, flowers, fruits, etc. Have been. So the second person is more sous, qualified than the first person. And the first person.Why Meditation Is Necessary. Because the first person can see that tree and know exactly what I can see on my naked eyes. That's why the first person needs attention.

8: - Is a person having food. And if he is telling himself efficient, competent, while eating, then can a person be skillful without meditation, not because the amount of food was kept in mind while consuming food. Efficient, well-qualified, would be considered because he was taking food carefully so that person.  Why Meditation Is Necessary. Because in order to maintain his competence in his skill, attention is very important to that person.

9: - A student is writing a story and that person writes the story. And it completes that story and you take that story to your master. After reading that story, the guru of that student honors 80 marks out of 100 marks on that story, then that student. What needs attention. To get 100 out of 100 points. Yes, if that student while writing the story would have written it carefully, making the story efficient and competent, then that person can get 100 marks out of 100 even if his student is getting 80 marks in his gurudwara 100, so at that time, that student should pay extra attention. Is necessary is necessary

10: - If an electrician is working in any electric work and is not doing his work carefully. So whether that person can complete the electric functions fully, I believe that there may be an error or there is a possibility. If that person does the electric work carefully. So the possibility of errors in that work can be very weak, hence the electrician.Why meditation is necessary. Because he can complete his work well, that person needs attention.

 If you, Why meditation is necessary. If you have not yet understood, then please do meditation for your own well-being. You need not spend your life in the stream without meditating. If you spend your life without meditating, then that work is inefficient. In and as disqualified would be honorable. And that work will make you unhappy, so why you need meditation because it is important because you want to make yourself happy, independent, rich, knowledgeable, intelligent, so you need meditation.

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