how can do meditation at home

how can do meditation at home:-

how can do meditation at home? Today, I will tell you in this chapter that you how can do meditation at home? First of all, you choose a time to meditate at home at which time interval you feel highly independent. Take the place where there is an open environment around a house or on the roof, etc. Now you go to that open place and remember that you are not going to disturb anyone while practicing meditation, now you are in that place Do some exercise, after exercising, you choose a flat place where you can rest easy and sit in a comfortable position, now you sit in the place where you need to concentrate, after sitting in that place, you keep the spine straight, straighten the neck, and put your bones, muscles, skin, nerves, kidney, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, brain, mind, etc. to relax or leave you now Who Wants to Take Care There are many types of meditation in meditation, such as Mahaline Meditation, Gyan line Meditation, Satya line Meditation, Riddhi Bal Meditation, Pt. F force meditation, Ashtanga line Meditation, Friendship, Smriti, Samadhi, etc. Out of these nouns, you want to meditate on this noun, depending on which stage you are at, if the amount of stool in you is low then you are out of it. You can also take care of all and take care of it at the same time. If you have a lot of material, then you will notice at an early stage if you have any kind of malice, you will meditate on the earth metal. Doing malice will be ineffective if you don't know anything about meditation how can do meditation at home. So before that, you should meditate first if you can become a meditator even while staying at home, how can the friends of whom you are meditating, then you will meditate on memory and meditate on Punchline.
how can do meditation at home
how can do meditation at home

how can do meditation at home and whom can you meditate on: -

how can do meditation at home? what I told you how can meditate at home If you want to practice meditation at home for the first time, then you will keep a focus on memory and punch education which will benefit you and your family.

 Memory: -

 Such as hair, nose, ears, eyes, skin, flesh, bone, blood, sweat, stool, urine, yellow, small intestine, large intestine, tears, scars, goodness, saliva spit, Ju, hair, nails, kidney, lungs, liver, breathing, tube, etc. (why, When, how, how, Logic, arguments, ideas, etc.)

Panch education: -

  • Always speaking the truth

  •  Do not mistreat

  •  Don't steal

  •  Don't drink

  •  Do not commit violence

how can do meditation at home and Caution:-

How can do meditation at home? You have learned how you do meditation at home? You have been given some instructions above for meditating at home, by which compliance becomes active and there are some precautions which you need to follow at home. But before taking care of it, it will be fast for caution. You will add a lot to your usual behavior, you will add to your love fence and you will choose a place where there is flat land, there is a peaceful environment and there is no moving initiative around the place that can focus your attention and there There is no train, airport, or sports ground, or highway, etc., because of these, there are obstacles to meditation, Devdebhoomi, no wind speed or normal natural noise is normal and practice meditation alone and with the palm of your hands open, anger. Meditate without devotion, and without enmity, prevent your Chaturadi Indri from going past

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