meditation and god

meditation and god:-

In the chapter of meditation and god, I warmly welcome all of you dear friends. Criticism about meditation is done with great skill by God with our dear ones. First of all, let us know what meditation and God is, the edge of our daily life. I have the idea of ​​living while God teaches people the way of meditation for the skill of the people or for the welfare of the people, in order to live life on the edge of our own daily life and to present the form of God towards people as a Guru friend. It is that God tells or teaches about meditation for the upliftment of people, what God has learned from meditation, what things do not learn carefully, and do not know that God does not teach or tell that thing to his family. Quality is religion. In the absence of meditation, no man can make himself literate and without literacy, no man can tell or teach or teach anyone about the art of meditation or meditation, that is, meditation and god. Complementing each other, the art of meditation comes to God well and he teaches his family well.

meditation and god
meditation and god


Meditation from meditation and god is the style of living life in any manner, in any manner that is efficient, in a skillful manner, etc. Any creature is practiced by practicing meditation again and again, and the creature itself is very prosperous, very happy, and well qualified. Having become hypnotized, he starts practicing meditation, due to which the life of that creature is more efficient, more intelligent, more knowledgeable, more Andhraic, empowered, etc. than any other creature. A creature cannot live its real life, it is the same as meditation, any creature can live its life, in the absence of meditation, when a person spends his life from the edge, that person or meditator is unskilled, and incapacitated, impolite, One appears to be surrendering his life with ignorance, etc., but when a meditator lives his life in the form of meditation in the life of a meditator, then that person or meditator is a man of skill, capable, intelligent, knowledgeable, efficient, etc. Seems to be offering life This is due to the application of meditation, meditation is compulsory for all beings and in the absence of meditation beings are snuff and criticism about God can only be possible through meditation.meditation and god Complement each other ie meditation and god No God Without Meditation And No Meditation Without God


meditation and god My God criticizes my family to a high degree about meditation, that meditation is like a Pune. God says hey, mediator or Vikki, you meditate on your body as if you are consuming nectar. And God does that while meditating and meditating Agnadhatu, Prithiva Dhatu, Jaladhatu, Vayudhatu, in the four Mahabhuta Dhatu, you meditate on your work and become eternal or immortal in this painful world or in this eternal world, God does this Vaikku, while meditating on the modesty of religion, take care and accept Honeydew or insufficient quantity of nectar and become immortal in this eternal world. Due to immortality, that person is left from birth again and again in this painful world, that is, he stops taking birth, in meditation and god, God says that without living the lamp without oil, do not live life without meditation. Can go Just as lamps and lamps need oil and air to burn, similarly, meditation and knowledge are needed to live a human life. meditation and god are meditation and god among them.

literality of meditation and god:-

If you want to do meditation and god literacy, then you have to practice meditation, in meditation you have to practice modesty and metamorphosis and in order to liberate God, mind, opposition, antagonism, antipathy, antipathy, towards all worldly beings. Will have to take a pledge not to have rivals, antagonism, anger, etc. in mind. And taking the pledge of friendship, generosity, compassion, neglect, patience, humility, memory, charity, anger-free, etc. towards the worldly creature will have to be meditated upon. Then You can establish for meditation and god. Are you born that meditation and god complement each other?

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