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sohum yoga
sohum yoga

He we welcome all your friends in sohum yoga, what are its benefits, today in this chapter we will learn about sohum yoga, how sohum yoga is done sohum yoga means breathing and exhaling also in yoga practice. Sohum yoga is practiced to maintain the concentration of the mind and control the breathing rate and to keep the heart efficient or healthy. Sohum yoga is practiced by the practice of sohum yoga. With the practice of sohum yoga, control of anxiety, frustration, etc. is also found in a favorable state. Repeated practice of sohum yoga proves helpful in providing oxygen to your body in open quantity due to which the sympathetic conscious body is an inactive state. Maintains after which the benefits of sohum yoga are seen, due to the excellent benefits of sohum yoga, sohum yoga is also very useful in meditation.

sohum yoga method

Using the sohum yoga method, we all apply the application of sohum yoga to any stage of yoga poses as a response, assuming anyone method of yoga asana, how in a Braj posture can a person put the paws of his first feet on one another And put your battle on it and after that the person straightens his reed bone, correct the neck and put both his hands on the knee of both feet and straighten the hands, put the palm on the flowing knee and the left hand After placing the palm on the left knee, now take the breath inwards, keeping the sound of sleep inwards, and after some time interval 15 to 30 seconds, do breath or action while keeping the voice of us from outside. Sohum yoga method is called the action of the natural sound taken by your nose and the touching sound of the breath left by the nose of the body. Sohum yoga method consists of the sound of the air touching the nose from your conscious to the nose. The frequency is called sohum and sohum yoga is done by sohum yoga and sohum yoga The concentration of the action of a is called sohum meditation.

Benefits of Soham Yoga

The benefits of sohum yoga have many benefits on our body.


  • Ending constipation disorders

  • Cold sinusitis is beneficial in asthma and healthy respiratory infections

  • It rejuvenates the whole body

  • Keeps face smooth and radiant

  • It balances the nervous system and makes it powerful.

  • Makes the digestive system strong

Precautions of Soham Yoga

A person practicing sohum yoga needs to take these following types of precautions: A person who is not restrained by such precautions may have to face high illnesses, so a person suffering from this problem can do meditation through sohum yoga. Should not do or do sohum yoga

  1.  Sohum yoga should not be done in case of problems with heart-related diseases.

  2.  Sohum yoga should not be done in case of dizziness.

  3.  Precautions should be taken when high blood pressure and nasal blood flow.

  4.  This practice should not be used in the event of hernia gastric ulcer.

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