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Hi friends. My name is Sanjit Kumar(TABSASA) and I do tally from UP Mau district in India and I used to be a bong from lower family. I have to do my hard work and work as well as my brother and my mother and father do all the wages. I did not have any sense of knowledge till the High School examination and I failed in the High School Examination. After that, after working in NREGA, I gave the right coaching fees to them to read the T-shirt coaching and me After coaching there for 5 months, after that the high school again got into it due to the re-examination and I crushed the high school examination from the first division. After this, after entering the form for the diploma, I entered the entrance. Dia and also succeeded in the entrance, after that, Government Polytechnic got admission in Electrical Engineering Department Electrical Engineering at Mirzapur in Prathamesh and first self through a selfie. After the first year was passed, I got my transfer in Gorakhpur, which took admission in the second year of the Government Government Polytechnic Gorakhpur, present in Gorakhpur, in Electrical Engineering, after that I passed the final examination there and was studying for a government job. Even at that time, I had no knowledge of any kind, where knowledge used to start, I started running from there to get something but nothing was received. In 2013, I passed the diploma examination from the final year's first division. For a government job of self-study from year to year, but in that, I was unsuccessful with low seedlings, which I was not able to give enough time from home to fulfill and I desperately needed money to go out. That this need was not being met, then I went to my village to have a doctor Ram Vilas Bharti social worker who has a library, I went to the Mahabodhi library and from there I wrote a book about Buddha and his religion by Dr. BR Ambedkar. I study that After studying, I came to know milk in real terms and I started practicing yoga and meditation after being very impressed with them, due to which my mental functioning started at a much higher frequency than normal. In spite of having a degree in school and diploma, I started taking knowledge from B.Sc. in Ph.D. Started approaching people and started asking them questions, after which all the scholars who were educated or social workers or social people patted me on the back and said, son, keep moving forward, your path is right, your path is right. Stay will get the floor and I did not stop using it, and I kept using it, whether in fact someone's intellect can be raised much higher than normal in 2 to 4 days. No, but I used to say. And I also tried on the children that if the children can also become mentally elevated in 2 to 10 days, then I experimented on them and saw that this experiment was successful, after that I meditated and made a path of my life and with meditation I Created a website www.meditations.org.in on this website, there are some instructions for mental upliftment of the people, following which they become happy, richknowledgeableconstitutionprosperity, realism, popular force, with vigilant force, conscious consciousness etc. numbers by which Their daily life becomes much easier if any person you want to do your mental good is your picture or mind is fickle or does not understand anything or you are spending your life in anxiety or panic or BP is high or BP is half suffering from diseases that depend on your karma, then you can do your best on this site https://www.meditations.org.in by following the instructions on the site, you can do well with you or you Thanks to the creatures who are in contact withFriend, if you want to be knowledgeable, you want to get away from misery, if you do not understand any thing what to do, then you can improve your mental intelligence by following the policy instructions by visiting my site. Or you can clean your mind, whatever game is on this earth is only for the cleanliness of the mind. If Mandsaur, everything is contaminated in your hand, if you want to clean your mind then also your non-mind By your actions, you will change your karma, you will change your mind, even if you contaminate your work by self, your mind will start getting corrupted or it depends on you how well you can make yourself a well-qualified competent knowledgeable wise constitution. If you want the wisdom of proper 140 IQ then you will need to practice meditation and yoga and modesty, you will have your mental mind in your hand, your intellect in your hand, your destiny in your hand, your life will die. There is a form, but there are sorrow and happiness on that work done in the present time, friend, any kind of trouble Ho, that problem is prevented, if you are suffering in any worship, then it is preventable. You can let us all know how to destroy our own grief, that is, how to move towards the path of liberation, how to stream yourself in the lifestream. Let us know on this website.WWW.MEDITATIONS.ORG.IN  (Human welfare and their upliftment)

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My blog:-www.meditations.org.in


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